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All Roads Lead Home

Having a time for the whole family is definitely a must for every parent. It’s essential to form a solid bond with your children. So, my husband and I always try to make Saturday or Sunday a family day. If financial resources allow, we go to the mall. We eat at our favorite fast food store and watch a good family movie. If we don’t have a budget, we just stay home buy snacks and turn on our DVD player to go movie marathon until the break of dawn.All of us love watching movies both at home and in the movie theaters. Sometimes, we do a family session at YouTube to watch trailers of upcoming movies. After that, we have collected a list of our movie lineup. We decided what movie to watch in the big screen and those that we will wait for the DVD release.

Just lately, while I was passing by my friend’s blog, I saw a trailer of “All Roads Lead Home The Movie.” After seeing it, I know already convinced that I am going to watch it together with my family. It is heartwarming and has good moral values. It’s perfect for a family weekend movie getaway.

If you want to know what I am talking, watch the trailer above. I am sure you will like it too!



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  1. Plus Size Dresses says:

    seen it in the theatre..good movie 4/5

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