Blessings and Beyond

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Sending Help When Needed

| November 9, 2013

The aftermath of Super Typhoon Yolanda will not be pretty. Thousands of stranded people in evacuation centers everywhere, a lot of flood swept homes and properties, damaged crops, and fallen electric and communication posts, the list can go on and on. A lot of people will be needing our help in this most trying times […]

Today Is The Day To Be Charitable

| October 23, 2013

I bet everyone heard what happened to the city of Bohol and Cebu recently. The 7.2 magnitude earthquake destroyed a number of properties, including popular tourist attractions, like the Chocolate Hills, as well as a number of age old churches. A lot of families are still afraid to go back to their homes and took […]

The Satisfaction in Volunteerism

| August 25, 2013

Now that our country is again faced with another round of calamities and tragedies brought about by the recent weather condition and the typhoon, the need for volunteers to help out those who are in need have sky-rocketed. People are needed to rescue families trapped inside their homes after the flood water suddenly rises, professional […]