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Gifts for Gentlemen

Father’s Day is fast approaching. Some guys would like to receive clothes or perfumes while others would like gadgets. Well, they can only have that if their wives are working and earning just as well as them so that they could afford to give gifts of gadgets. But if not, then they would just have to contend with a father’s Day card and lots of hugs and kisses from the missus and the kids.

But in the corporate world, things are a bit different. Fathers who are bosses get some exquisite candy, designer pens or cuff links, celebration wines and even special rolled tobacco like cao cigars. These men have different tastes and are socializing with upper crust so naturally their things are rather more refined and delicate. Sometimes, we can just be thankful that we are not like them, at least, we do not have to put up with such expensive things.


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