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Missed Playing with Paintballs

I have experienced paintballing about two years ago and I do missed playing it. Aside from being fun and exciting to play, it was very memorable because I was not geared to play the game. I wore a blouse, a slacks and a pair of high heeled boots. To be able to play the game, one of my co-employee offered me her shoes. So, imagine how unfashionable I am carrying a Tippmann gun in corporate attire and wearing a rubber shoes?!Anyway, I was not the only one who was unfashionable at that time. Many were carrying Tippmann x7 paintball guns but wearing unlikely clothes. Good thing there were paintball gears to wear on top to cover our attire.

How I wish I can play once more?! And if I will be given a chance, this time I will try to be more ready!



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  1. Kyle Griffin says:

    Paintball guns are sometimes painfull when you are hit by a paintball*`:

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