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No Room

Here is another story I got from an email that was sent to me by After reading it, it made me ponder with my relationship with JESUS. Read on and see if you have ROOM.

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No Room

The whole family was excited. It was the day they always put up their Christmas decorations. Everyone knew what their specific job was. Dad and Tommy put up the outdoor decorations. Mom put up the tree and wrapped all of the presents, and Heather did the rest of the indoor decorating.

They all started early because this was a time consuming job.

When they stopped for lunch, Dad had the lights halfway around the house, which was good, but he still had to finish putting the blinking lights on the bushes and put up the yard displays. Also, he had to put Santa and his reindeer up on the roof.

Mom was almost finished putting the ornaments on the tree. As far as she was concerned, all she had left was to put the icicles on it and spray it with snow. She could hardly wait until she finished, because she could get all of the presents out of the bedroom closet and start wrapping them. She sure hoped the kids would like all of the video games, computer software, and designer clothes she had gotten them, and that dad liked all of his new tools and hunting and fishing gear. After all, these things aren’t cheap. It’s a good thing she had all of those credit cards.

Heather was coming along well with her decorating, too. She had the house all decorated with Santa’s, elves, reindeer, candy canes, stockings and other Christmas items, but she had several boxes left, and she was rapidly filling up all of the available space.

By late afternoon, everything appeared to be complete. All that remained was putting the empty boxes that stored the decorations back in the attic until it was time to put everything away for another year.

When they started to put the boxes up, they found one box that was still full. When they opened it, they found a nativity scene. There was Jesus, Mary and Joseph, shepherds, wise men, and animals.

They tried to find a place for them, but after looking around they decided they had no room left for Jesus and the Nativity scene.

They felt bad about it, but they were just out of room. They must have spent five minutes trying to figure out what to do. Then, someone came up with the idea to make sure they included the Jesus decorations next year, but they were afraid they would forget, so they taped a big note on the top of the box that read, “JESUS, NEXT YEAR”.

Then, they all felt better.

Do you put Jesus away in the attic until it is convenient to take Him out and display Him in your life?

Do you give Him time in your life after everything else is over and done with, or do you live each day of your life for Him?

— Author Unknown

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