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Sensitivity to God’s Voice

I woke up early today but because of the time it took to prepare the kids for church, I reached the sermon part of the Sunday Worship Service. Our pastor shared about being the salt and light of this earth. It was an old message but still fresh in its revelation.

But what really made me cry today was the fact that after the Sunday Worship Service, I felt that God gave me an impression that I should give 100 pesos each to the man in front of me and the old couple beside me. And honestly, I disregarded that and went on my way out. Since the children haven’t arrived from their Children Sunday Service which was held in Jollibee Carmen, I toured around the church grounds checking on the rooms that were being constructed for the kids. Then later, our pastor came and we talked. Then he shared to me that the man he was talking to (the same man I was referring in front of me) confessed that he is in need of help. They don’t have any means of living for the past few days. He also need 100 pesos to reclaim his tri-sikad (their means of making a daily living) from the Barangay Hall. Upon hearing the story, I cried. I thought that the impression of giving the man money was a total non-sense but in reality it wasn’t! It was a way for me to be an instrument of blessing to that man and his family and I ingnored it! Waaaahhh!! I felt bad inside but still I gave our pastor the money. I was ashamed of my hard headedness. Pastor gave the 100 peso to the man but the two old couple wasn’t there anymore (sad me). So he gave it to the church member who invited the man to church.

This incident really made me cry. I still believe that God really sends us signals but since we are always busy and sometimes very hard headed, we fail to see them. Now, it is making me wonder what the old couple needed that I wasn’t able to become a medium of blessing for them. Sadness me!


2 Responses to “Sensitivity to God’s Voice”

  1. raya says:

    that is so true, mommy Rubz! i have experienced this a lot of times, too. it always feels good to be a blessing to others, to be an instrument in meeting their needs. And of course, God will reward us so much in return. Praise God for using you today!

  2. dreamerscape says:

    What a great opportunity that God gave you to apply what you just learned. But indeed sad that you were not able to grab it. However, don’t be totally downhearted. For one, God continued to be at work in you that He gave you a second chance to be able to give to the man in front of you. It just means, God has not given up on you even if you ignored His prompting. It was also His way of telling you to take part in what ever He is doing. Start being on the look out now for what He is doing and join Him and join in His work. God bless you more to be a greater blessing! :)

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