Blessings and Beyond

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Felt So Disconnected

| April 6, 2012

Today is Holy Friday. And honestly, I don’t really feel spiritual inside when everyone is expected to be one especially this Holy Week. I felt that I have backslidden. I felt unsaved. I felt that I don’t belong anymore. I felt so disconnected to God. Well, most of us believers will often say that this […]

Be Rewarded

| November 19, 2011

December is almost here. Just a few more days this month and the last month of the year will soon be bidding adieu. This is the time of the year when almost everyone are in the shopping malls buying and buying. They are getting ready for the biggest holiday of the year: Christmas. Did you […]

New Beginning

| May 16, 2011

Springtime signals rebirth. Everything is just fresh, colorful, and new and it is also the perfect time for graduations. It is like the end of one season and the birth of a new one. So it is also the end of student days and the start of the venture into the real world. It is […]