Blessings and Beyond

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No Interruptions, Please!

| March 15, 2012

When I am busy with my online job, answering the phone could sometimes be a pain especially when I have to get up and look for it because my daughter watches videos on it most of the time and then leaves it anywhere in the room. Maybe it’s a good idea to hire my daughter […]

The Right Way of Finding Job

| January 8, 2011

In terms of job hunting, do you keep doing the same thing even if you knew it was not working? Like submitting resumes the old-fashioned way and attending numerous job fairs, but not getting any replies or return calls afterwards? Well, if these are not working for you, learn to get your dream job with […]

The Acai Berry and Hoodia

| November 14, 2010

They say that the acai berry is a super food and is a great antioxidant. And one of its side effects is weight loss. Oprah swears by it. My friend does take Acai Berry by Nature’s Bounty because she was told that it is good for losing weight. But, she did not lose weight because […]